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Connecting members to customers worldwide

Since it was founded in 1933, the RPPC has been the connecting link between port companies and international shippers & forwarders.


Despite the fact that the world around us is becoming more and more digitalized, personal contact is still an essential aspect of the logistics chain. Logistics involves tailor-made operations and human input. Trust with your contacts is paramount.

RPPC offers international networking opportunities where personal contact plays a central role. Since its founding in 1933, RPPC has built up valuable contacts at home and abroad with, among others, mayors, port aldermen, directors and executive directors of a large number of companies and organisations. These contacts open doors for our members.

Do you have any specific questions? Or would you like to travel with us? We would like to hear from you.

our team members

Albert Straatman RPPC, Albert Straatman Albert Straatman

+31 10 303 3260

bianca stam verhoeven rppc, bianca stam rppc, bian Bianca Stam-Verhoeven

Project Manager
+31 10 303 3266

chris van der deijl, rppc chris van der deijl, com Chris van der Deijl

Community Manager
+31 10 303 3262

susan dijkstra rppc, susan rppc Susan Dijkstra

Project Manager
+31 10 303 3267

evelijn rensen rppc Evelijn Rensen

Project Secretary
+31 10 303 3260

Steven Lak Gateway to Europe

The RPPC is a unique collaboration between companies in the seaports of Rotterdam, Moerdijk and Dordrecht, the Rotterdam Port Authority and the Dutch inland terminals. These parties work closely together to promote the 'gateway to Europe' for shippers and forwarders abroad.

Ultimately, everything revolves around offering great service for shippers in the hinterland. Together, RPPC members show cargo stakeholders abroad the advantages of working with the Rotterdam Port collective. RPPC members get to know the port in the broadest of terms. It is always inspiring to hear when members develop joint propositions for customers in the hinterland.

Ferdinand van den Oever Opening doors

As Advisory Council we are a sounding board for the management and board of directors. This is with regard to our overall direction as well as our promotional activities in particular.

The RPPC brings the port business community from Rotterdam, Moerdijk and Dordrecht into contact with potential customers. All of this with the aim to increase their commercial performance. Together we try to open the doors of opportunity under the flag of the Port of Rotterdam. Working together is the power of the RPPC.
During trade fairs and network meetings, members get to know each other better, so that port companies can connect with each other more easily.


Benefits Membership RPPC

Would you also like to contribute to promoting the 'gateway to Europe' while increasing your visibility at home and abroad? Then joining the RPPC is something for you.

  • Meet potential customers
  • Expand your network
  • Join us on trips to trade fairs
  • Increase your knowledge
  • Join the communities